Real personal growth is not achieved by passively consuming information. It requires intensity, reflection, planning and experimentation – and these require time. For this reason, and because of the sheer volume of content, new program content is ‘dripped’ monthly, thus giving you time to digest and apply your insights before moving on to the next topics.

The Personal Edge Program is divided into Modules. Each module contains Sections; sections are like the chapters of a book.

Each section has its own page listing the Topics in that section. Topics typically consist of videos or articles. 

Videos can be watched full-screen; click on the right-most icon on the play bar. You can also adjust the speed and playback quality.

When you have finished a topic, click on the ‘Mark Complete’ button.

Topics that you have completed have the symbol

There may sometimes be a delay before the completed symbol appears. This is so that you can move to the next topic quickly without the page refreshing. When you reach the end of the section, you will see that all symbols are there.

Although I strongly recommend that you follow the course order (as some topics will refer to earlier topics), you don’t have to. 

The courses in detail

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