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This page will help you to schedule, connect and make the most of your one2one sessions.

What is a one2one Session?

A one2one session is an opportunity to:

  • discuss your current goals, plans and challenges to gain new perspectives, a different opinion, alternative ways of thinking about things
  • delve deeper into the topics covered in the program
  • identify the actions that you need to take to move forwards

As part of your one2one subscription, you can schedule TWELVE one2one sessions through the year. A new session becomes available each month (you will see the date that a session becomes available on the module listing). Thus, in the first month you have the option to schedule one session. In month two, you can schedule another session … and so on. 

When you schedule is up to you. We have a six month scheduling window, meaning that you can schedule a session within the next six months. Or you can wait. Perhaps you have a busy month or are on vacation. You don’t lose your session. You have 12 sessions and can take month 1’s session in a year’s time if you like – though remember you can only schedule six months’ ahead at any time.

How to Schedule

Firstly, let me assure you, this is a very simple and user-friendly system. Each of your one2one sessions has its own link which you can access by visiting the particular session section. 

The 72 seconds video below shows me scheduling a one2one session in real-time. Although you wouldn’t immediately join your session after scheduling, you will also see me logging into my session.

As you can see, the process couldn’t be easier – nothing to install, all you need is an internet connection, webcam or mic and speakers.

You will be sent an email reminder 1 hour before your session.

Technology Check

When you click the link to join the session, you will see that there is a button that you click to check that your technology is in order:

If it is your first time using the system, you may be asked to allow access to your webcam and mic:

Then you will see the Media Settings for your webcam, mic and speakers will pop-up.

Any issues will be identified and you can switch devices as necessary.

If you would like to know more about the technical side or have any issues, there is a section below.

Click here if you would like to read the step-by-step instructions for what I demonstrated in the video

Each of your one2one sessions has its own link which you can access by visiting the particular session section.

When you click on the scheduling button in the section,

you will be taken to a new page showing a calendar and the available slots (click to enlarge images).

You can book up to six months in advance.

You will then be asked for your name, email address (please use the same email as on this site – we’re working on making this automatic) and a note of any issues or topics that you would like to focus on during the session.

You will have the option to add the session to your calendar

and all details will be sent to you in an email.

The email will also contain:

  • links that allow you to cancel and reschedule the session (though you can only do this up to 24 hours before the session)
  • instructions on how to join the session

You will also receive a reminder email one hour before the session.

How to Get the Most From Your Session

The main purpose of this session is to help you to move forwards in achieving your goals. And that means that we can discuss whatever you like: your vision, a difficult client, procrastination, bad habits, business opportunities …

Of course, I may make suggestions on areas to discuss but it is your time and I will endeavour to help you in whatever way works best for you. 

You will note that this is a ‘one2one’ rather than a ‘coaching‘ session. Coaching is a questioning approach that facilitates self-discovery. A coach will ask questions that help the coachee to discover new ways of thinking. During our one2one sessions, I am likely to use a coaching style most of the time. However, I will, when appropriate – and with your permission – make suggestions, offer advice, share experiences, point you in the direction of relevant videos, articles, websites etc.

I believe this ‘blended’ approach is the most effective and fastest way to help you to achieve your objectives.

Before your sessions, I would suggest that you make some notes about the issues you would like to discuss. Keep a notepad handy at all times so that you can capture your thoughts and insights. Develop a 3R Habit and use your Action Map to help convert ideas into actions (Action Maps will be familiar to you after the second week of the course and 3R is covered in Module 04.)

A couple of points:

  • a one2one session should not be regarded as a counselling or therapy session for issues such as clinical depression. If you have serious issues, please consult a doctor.
  • any advice or suggestions that I give are simply ideas for you to ponder. They are NEVER recommendations to act in a particular way. In any situation, there are always too many nuances and variables.

Rescheduling, Cancellations and Late Shows

We want to be as flexible as possible. You can reschedule or cancel a one2one session up to 48 hours before the session. After that, the session will be regarded as completed.

I hope that you understand why this is. A one2one session commits my time – I can’t schedule other activities and a single one2one session may have prevented a whole day of training work.

If you are going to be late connecting to our one2one session, please let me know and it may be that we can shift the meeting to a little later (this depends on other sessions that may be booked). Contact me as soon as you know that you may be late through the contact form on the site.

I will remain available for the whole of your session – simply login when you can. However, it is likely that the session will have to end at the scheduled time owing to other bookings.

Technical Issues

We use the 24 Sessions platform (*) for our one2one sessions. The session takes place in the browser and 24 Sessions has the great advantage that no software or browser plugins need to be installed. All you need is a mic (webcam preferable – much easier to talk with someone you can see!), speakers and an internet connection.

If you have issues, here are some tips:

  • microphone
  • sound
  • webcam
  • access code – if you are using a computer, you don’t actually need to enter an access code as it is built-in to the link that you click to join the meeting. You may need to enter the access code provided in the email to use the mobile apps. It is the string of letters at the end of the URL.

If you wish, you can use the 24 Sessions Mobile app.

During a session, if there is a slow connection, we can fall back to an audio connection using phones – there is no charge for this. 

If 24 Sessions isn’t working for you, please still use the 24 Sessions booking form so that the session is scheduled, then contact me and we can arrange to use Skype or Google Hangouts. I am not a Mac or iPad user and so cannot FaceTime.

one2one Session 01

Hi , you can now schedule your first one2one session by clicking on the button below. The booking page will open in a new window.

(If you’re not sure about how to proceed, visit the overview section.)

When you have booked your session, come back to this page, which will remain open, and click the ‘Mark Complete’ button. This will enable you to track which sessions you have scheduled.

Schedule one2one Session

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