Stretch and Set Action Goals

To be the best that you can be, you need to stretch. When you do, not only do you achieve more, you also feel better. In this module I will show you how and where to stretch. Many people believe that the starting point is having clear goals and while I agree that goals are important, I disagree with the approach to goal-setting that is generally advocated. SMART goals are often dumb. 

Happy At Work

A reminder of the 9 principles of the Happiness Checklist:

Principle 1: be Happy at work

Principle 2: seek Autonomy

Principle 3: live with Purpose

Principle 4: have a realistic Perspective

Principle 5: Interact

Principle 6: do Not focus on material things

Principle 7: stay true to your Ethics

Principle 8: Stretch and grow

Principle 9: Set action goals

We now consider the first of the Happiness Checklist principles: Happy At Work.

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