Coaching Enquiry

A coaching session is an opportunity to:

  • discuss your current goals, plans and challenges to gain new perspectives, a different opinion, alternative ways of thinking about things
  • delve deeper into the topics covered in the program
  • identify the actions that you need to take to move forwards

Coaching is a questioning approach that facilitates self-discovery. No matter how much information you share with another person, there will always be nuances that cannot be communicated to or be understood by another person – you are the best person to decide on the way ahead. But, like every other human, your thinking processes can be distorted by your perception, cognitive biases and emotions.

A coach can help you to think more clearly.

When appropriate – and with your permission – I will make suggestions, share experiences, point you in the direction of relevant videos, articles, websites etc.

A couple of points:

  • a coaching session should not be regarded as a counselling or therapy session for issues such as clinical depression. If you have serious issues, please consult a doctor.
  • any advice or suggestions that I give are simply ideas for you to ponder. They are NEVER recommendations to act in a particular way. In any situation, there are always too many nuances and variables.


There is nothing to install. Our session takes place in your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari preferably; we have not tested with other browsers).

If you would like to discuss coaching, please contact me. 

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