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  • neuroscience – understanding the unconscious, automatic processes in your brain
  • personality and inner drivers
  • cognitive biases and decision-making
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  • the FIRE model
  • motivation
  • planning
  • habits and checklists
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  • curbing negative thoughts
  • understanding and managing our inner ‘scripts’
  • emotional intelligence
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  • getting organized
  • effective triage
  • goals and stretching
  • overcoming procrastination
  • resilience
  • realistic positive thinking
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  • Discover – uncovering and understanding others’ needs
  • Motivate – creating a feeling of ‘wanting to agree’
  • Persuade – 7 different influencing styles
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  • brand audit and map
  • managing perceptions
  • designing your network
  • interacting
  • nurturing connections
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  • financial statements – income, financial position
  • cashflow
  • KFIs (Key Financial Indicators)
  • how accounting data can mislead
  • what-if analysis, forecasting and budgeting
  • managing for value, project finance, investment appraisal
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  • foundation – trust, authenticity, charisma
  • leadership as a partnership
  • core leadership styles
  • motivation
  • adapting to the needs of the individual
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  • leadership scenarios
  • managing teams
  • managing conflict
  • leading in tough times
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  • preparation and perception
  • managing the negotiation
  • fact-finding
  • negotiation strategies and tactics
  • dealing with objections and overcoming deadlock
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